“Watching students get excited about a planner is really refreshing! Thank you!”
AVID Elective Teacher

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a college readiness system with a goal to ensure completion of high school with the skills necessary to not only get into college, but to successfully complete college and be poised for success in a global society. The AVID program, in its seventh year at Rosemount, includes a small core class focused on academic skills, weekly tutoring sessions and exploration opportunities outside of school. RHS currently has 20-25 students from each grade level involved.

Each year of high school, students have an AVID elective class.  They will continue to be in the AVID elective together, as a cohort, until graduation.  One of the benefits of the program is the AVID class is a smaller group of kids, allowing the students to form a “family like” bond.  From day one freshman year, all the way to graduation, the 30 students (above we say 20-25 students) or so will meet together for one period every day for all four years!

At RHS, there are 4 AVID elective teachers and several other trained staff members – this team of teachers, administrators, tutors, and counselors collaborate weekly for the success of each student. Their primary goal is to support each student throughout the year.

AVID is not a program for struggling students or a remedial program.  AVID is very much a college readiness system for students who show a strong sense of determination to excel and try to push themselves academically, but are not currently performing to their potential. The AVID elective class focuses on 5 areas of college preparation; writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading. The skills and strategies learned are used to support student learning in their rigorous academic classes. They will be supported as they use their strategies and skills to grow as a learner and person.

“I like how it has the 7 different classes and I can separate them out.  I like how it has the regular big calendar and the class calendar. I like how the ruler is on there and it has the measurements, angles and conversions for math.”

NV, 12th grader

“It helps me to work on my procrastination a lot.  It helps me remember assignments and late work, I see it and remember to do it.  I can reduce the late assignments I have.”

TA, 12th grader

“I use my planner every day and it keeps me organized. It’s small so it’s easy to get to when I need it.”

ES, 9th grader