Apple Pencils

The Visual Art Department came to the RHS Foundation in search of a grant to purchase Apple Pencils for their program.

As technology evolves and becomes increasing integrated into our daily lives, the nature and role of visual art changes as well. Today, professionals and commercial and artists are using digital devices as a drawing medium alongside traditional illustration methods.

– The pencils will be written into curriculum as part of skill building activities, such as character design, observational drawing and illustration in AP Studio Art, Drawing Level II, and Digital Art Level I & II
– This will provide the opportunity for students to use Apple Pencils with their iPads to design and execute digital artwork using professional methods.
– Student produced artwork will provide evidence of the project objectives, and after the first complete trimester of Apple Pencil classroom integration, the Foundation will receive a collection of student art created using the Apple Pencils to demonstrate how they are being used.

With the pencils they are working in programs like AutoDesk Sketchbook, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop in their digital art.

Below are some photos of them in use.

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